We organized 3rd Workshop on Modelling of Biological Cells, Fluid Flow and Microfluidics, 9. – 13. February 2020, Vratna, Slovakia. This workshop aims to bring together the users of PyOIF and experts in cell modelling and microfluidics. More information HERE.



We developed a python module in ESPResSo software package for simulating elastic objects (e.g. cells) immersed in a fluid. Fast computational core, user-friendly python scripting interface, detailed documentation supplemented with a book on blood flow modelling – all this is PyOIF.



One sentence introduction: To help those believing in power of computational models (biologists, applied mathematicians and physicists, biomedics, data scientists), we develop cell models based on biomechanics and neural networks, we analyse them, and we use them for computer-aided research.

Selected publications