Date: 9. – 13. February 2020
Venue: Hotel Rozsutec, Vratna, Slovakia

Wait, but why? The workshop serves as a platform for exchange of ideas within the community and also provides opportunities for informal meetings of the participants in one of the Slovak ski resorts. It is focused on young doctoral and post-doctoral researchers and building cooperation across computational and experimental disciplines. It will give the community of PyOIF users opportunity to discuss the developments of their models and the simulation tool.

Primary topics of the workshop:

  • modeling and simulations of cells in flow
  • PyOIF module (part of ESPResSo) as tool for simulating flow of cells
  • fabrication of microfluidic devices
  • microfluidic experiments with cells or other objects in flow
  • image processing of recordings from biological experiments
  • simulation software
  • statistical analysis of data from biological experiments and simulations
  • and related topics

The program will include presentations of the participants, hands-on sessions with PyOIF software, free time to enjoy skiing, hiking and wellness.

Invited speakers:

Dmitry Fedosov (FZ Jülich)

Annie Viallat (CINaM Marseille)

Felix Reichel (TU Dresden)

Thomas Schrefl (U St. Pölten)

Sabine Alebrand (IMM Fraunhofer)

Simon Mendez (U Montpelier)

Timm Krueger (U Edinburgh, remote)

Preliminary program:


This year we obtained a support from European Research Community on Flow, Turbulence and Combustion ERCOFTAC. The motivated students can obtain a scholarship covering the workshop fee. To obtain this scholarship, sent the abstract, motivation letter together with basic information about applying person to kristina.kovalcikova (at)

For ERCOFTAC members, the workshop is free.

Book of abstracts:

All workshop participants are invited to submit a 1-2 page abstract of their talk. The deadline for submission is November 30, 2019. Please, note that this is a final deadline that will not be extended, since we plan to distribute a printed version of the book of abstracts at the workshop. After this deadline, it is still possible to register for the workshop but without a published abstract.

Submission by e-mail to: iveta.jancigova (at)

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Organisation details:

The capacity of the workshop is limited to 25 participants (22 participants confirmed). Info about availability – see Contact below. Participation fee starts at 280 euro, for  ERCOFTAC members it is for free. For young researchers, there is a possibility to get a sholarship, see information in section Support above.


The workshop takes place in Hotel Rozsutec (website) that is fully booked for us for this period. There are some other possibilities in the area but since it is a mountain region and the workshop offers program until evening, we recommend to stay at Hotel Rozsutec.


Submission of abstracts: 30 November 2019 (not extendable)

Early bird registration 280 euro (includes fee, meals and accomodation): 30 November 2019

Regular registration 360 euro (includes fee, meals and accomodation): 6 January 2020

Late registration 440 euro (includes fee, meals and accomodation): 30 January 2020 (no registration after this date)

The registration for ERCOFTAC members is for free.

Payment details:

We accept payments only by bank transfer with the following details:

IBAN: SK96 8180 0000 0070 0026 9909

Variable symbol (for payments allowing this field): 105190

Note: Name of the participant

Recepient address: Zilinska univerzita v Ziline, Univerzitna 8215/1, 010 26 Zilina, Slovakia

Title of bank account: Zilinska univerzita v Ziline

Bank address: Statna pokladnica, Radlinskeho 32, 810 05 Bratislava

Country code: SK


(for payments assistence please contact Iveta Belosovicova: iveta.belosovicova (at)

How to get there:

Nearest airports: Bratislava, Vienna Swechat

Vienna Swechat -> Bratislava -> Zilina:

  • bus: Vienna airport -> Bratislava bus station (about every 30 minutes, the ride takes about 1 hour)
  • trolleybus no. 210: Bratislava bus station -> Bratislava train station (every ~15 mins, 10 minute ride)
  • train: Bratislava -> Zilina (every 2 hours, there is one leaving at 12:13, arriving to Zilina at 14:40, another 14:13->16:40, etc, there is a chance the timetable will shift at the end of the year, but the spacing between trains will remain 2hrs)

Vienna Swechat -> Zilina:

  • direct bus (These run only 3 times per day and one of them is at 12:40, which arrives in Zilina at 16:05.)

Vienna Swechat -> Zilina:

  • taxi (Takes about 3 hours, costs ~200eur.)

Bratislava -> Zilina:

  • train (every 2 hours, there is one leaving at 12:13, arriving to Zilina at 14:40, another 14:13->16:40, etc, there is a chance the timetable will shift at the end of the year, but the spacing between trains will remain 2hrs)

Zilina -> Vratna:

  • We provide car transport, please contact us to arrange the lift shortly before the conference.

Previous editions:

In 2017 at Vratna, Slovakia, book of abstracts.

In 2014 at ICNAAM conference, Greece, preface.

Organizing committee:
Ivan Cimrak
Iveta Jancigova
Kristina Kovalcikova
Monika Smieskova
Iveta Belosovicova

Organized by

Cell-in-fluid Biomedical Modelling & Computations Group
Faculty of Management Science and Informatics, University of Zilina, Slovakia

Kristina Kovalcikova, E-mail: kristina.kovalcikova (at)