Statistical processing of simulation results is done in order to understand the behavior of multi-cellular simulations. One-cell simulation can be compared with the correspondent biological experiment directly, by comparing individual dimensions or other attributes of the simulated and biological cell. In case of multi-cellular simulations, we need to use a statistical tools to understand, whether the numerical simulation has a similar behavior as a biological experiment.


The statistical post-processing of simulation data gives us an inside into properties of the microfluidic channel, as well as into the properties of the cells in the simulation. It is helpful for comparison of simulation results with results obtained from biological experiments. Therefore, it is closely related with the image processing of the recordings from biological experiments.


The characteristics, which are explored statistically from the simulation outputs, are the following ones: cell rotation, cell position, cell velocity and cell orientation.

Boxes that encapsulate rotated cells

Rotation of a cell during the simulation – example taken from course of a cell in a periodic obstacle array


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